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MBG - Modern Basic Gastronomy

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The aim of MBG is to present the professional foundations of cooking. It describes kitchen technologies in an unconventional approach, providing guidance
to the work of professional trainers and all those who intend to master
the profession of food preparation.
Our eating habits have changed, new gastronomic trends have been born,
we are living in the time of gastronomic revolution not only in far away countries,
but also here, in Hungary. As a result, there is a huge demand
also on the domestic labour market for chefs with immediately
usable knowledge. There is a need for professionals who possess specialized
knowledge, who are well acquainted with the technologies described
in MBG and are able to apply those technologies
in practice.
In addition to the general kitchen technology, MBG combines the basics of modern gastronomic kitchen technologies
and, in a unique way, also the doctrine of restaurant confectionery.
MBG provides practical help. The descriptions of the technologies
are illustrated by images, phase photos and video materials available through QR codes at the end of the chapters,
and it also provides a learning assistance in the form of a
Master those technologies to get hired at the best place to work!

Modern Basic Gastronomy
Technology in focus!
Manual of creative cooking!


You can take a look in the book HERE.

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